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[23 Nov 2005|01:16pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Boo Toronto. Boo Boo.
For nearly 5 consecutive weeks, I've needed to go there for something. Family bar mitzvah, a show, family's really getting on my nerves. One weekend I stayed in Waterloo over a month ago and I really enjoyed it. Just sat back and enjoyed the weekend with Brittany and Jim, my lovely and entertaining comrades.
But never fear Torontonians...I won't be around that much after winter break, for the car is being impounded for a few months. That's right, this weekend I'm driving it in and kissing it goodbye until March. Alina's play and a night of fun and mischief will then follow. Monday is the birthday, and the weekend after I'm going to the black tie Italian wedding with Amanda, for no reason at all other than to = take a break from work = have wicked awesome time.

In other news, school is hard right now. I'm sure you can all relate. I'm not stressed, because for some reason I don't panic about school. Somehow I always have everything under control in that department...except *grr* I want to murder the Tragic Drama prof again. The due date to upload my recent assignment was Nov 20th at midnight, and fuck me...I was doing it on my new computer (most beautiful thing ever) without realizing until AFTER that its clock was set about 5 minutes slow of the webCT clock. My old one had the correct time...but I completely didn't notice. 12:02. 12 0 fucking 2. She gave me a zero. I thought I'd uploaded it at like 11:56, thought I was safe (took me two hours to write the damn thing) but noooooooooooo.......

But I'm not stressed. I mean, it wasn't even worth that much percentage-wise...what upsets me is that I put my time and effort into it, it was a good analysis, and she didn't even read it. Booo. It's alright though. I'm a happy girl nevertheless...despite the fact that we've recently discovered that the heater just plain DOESNT WORK on the second floor, I wake up every morning like popsicle!Judy, and my knuckles are so cracked and dry that they sting all day long. OopS! Late for the tutorial...damn this new computer is reeling me in with its pretty widescreen and sleekness!

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Best Blog in the Universe? [09 Nov 2005|03:47pm]
[ mood | my eye is twitching ]

The weather here is sucky by popular vote - but I kind of like it. It's the "first quatrain" in a sonnet (i.e. the period of late autumn to winter, when everything is just dying but not yet completely dead)

Mwahaha, I'm still in English Lit tutorial-mode. All we talk about is Shakespeare and his hilarious sonnets. There's quite an interesting one we read today, in which he makes fun of the woman he is love with by talking about how every part of her body does not fit in with the traditional "blason" of a woman. Basically, he calls her ugly.

Last night everyone went down to some karaoke bar while I played studious worker and stayed home to finish an essay. Wish I'd gone. I surely would have blown them away with my superior singing skills (which would have been enhanced because I'd have been drunk). Actually, I have no idea how awful I sound while singing drunk, because, obviously, I'm too drunk to actually listen to myself. Amanda and I are singing drunk buddies (it's now official because its been mentioned on livejournal), and she should have also been there to help me woo the crowd with our ass-kicking duets. Well, there's always a next time, and there's always another bottle of vodka. :)

Oh, and the title for this entry was inspired by Mr. Lenny Henry, a comedian who hung out with some man named Alistair Coleman last night, who has recently won a competition for the Best Blog in the Universe, or something like that. That had nothing to do with this entire post, but I'm glad I mentioned it. And (those stupid bastards whom I just can't bear to live without) have sent me the wrong Broken Social Scene CD. I ordered the Limited Edition one, with the new LP, but they sent me the one without it. *shakes fists in anger*
But...I must remember to be zen about this, and not get angry. Zen. I am ZEN.

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Our trip to the Peak *grins* [08 Nov 2005|08:42pm]
[ mood | content ]

Last night we drove to the Peak.
'We' meaning Brittany, Drew, Jim, myself and Mish. The famous Peak is now something that we've experienced for ourselves, and is no longer just a regaled adventure told to us by a raving Jim. The Peak (if you've never heard him talk about it) is a gigantic mountain in Dundas, Hamilton where he basically spent his entire life. He and his friends would ditch school to climb up its wonderfulness practically every day, rain or shine, snow get the idea. We hiked up the damn thing for about an hour, and I relished in the adventure. Reminded me of my Tarzan camping experience.

I desperately wanted to take pictures of it all, but I couldn't carry my camera (actually its a good thing I didn't since we basically all slid down the Peak on the way back unintentionally). I think Mish has pictures, so I'll put them up ASAP. There was an amazing waterfall that will forever remain in my mind, which we had to pass by walking up a concrete staircase that was literally a foot wide. "Hold on to the fence" says Jim. "If you fall in, you will die."

The view was incredible once we got to the very top - Dundas has now proven to be more than a single street with a gas station,'s actually a very nice town. A wall was constructed at the top of the Peak, apparently because some woman years ago who got a running start ended up killing herself. Jim's friend Alex told us that this wall was supposed to prevent that from ever happening. Urban legend, or not?
Anyway, the best part by far was getting down. It was nearly pitch black and the trees were rocking back and forth violently because of the wind, it was creepy, but cool at the same time. We basically slid down, it was a bit of a domino effect, but fun nevertheless. Yes, losing control and bashing into people is fun. The remainder of the way down was us leaping through these sand dunes...which was actually the most fun of the entire thing. I would do it again anyday!

Then...we decided that it would be fun to go to Toronto to pick up Will for the thousandth time this year. We got a little lost, ended up taking 3 hours to do something that should have taken 30 minutes. Heh. Will ended up being left in a Beer Store parking lot for the entire night (and most of the morning), and when we finally arrived we thought he was a homeless man (there were about 4 bundles by the side of the road...he could have been ANY of them), and we nearly left without him. We're horrible. And that about does it for adventures this week....

Oh, and I want to murder my Tragic Drama prof. I respect her, though - so it'll be a tough moral debacle.

EDIT: I no longer want to murder my Tragic Drama prof. Now I just want to eat her babies because the only time she'll speak to me is Friday morning at 9:30. This is expected from the person who is unable to wake up for an 11:30 class. Also, I plan on being in the presence of Owen Palett the night before, and I'll get no sleep at all because of the excitement and orgasm in my pants.

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[28 Oct 2005|04:10pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Oh, Halloween weekend. So many plans, so many adventures waiting to happen....
All over!

Stupid health. Stupid computer keyboard with the suddenly broken spacebar. Must push it SO hard. Stupid friends going to stupid parties while I stay in bed.
Yes, Alina and Amanda -I tried to call you both to tell you that I'll be absent this evening. I have a fever and strep throat, (or possibly mono.) I won't know for sure until tomorrow. Drugs drugs drugs!!!!!!


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[17 Oct 2005|09:04pm]
What a let down.
Just came back from my fourth History on Film class, the one that's supposed to blow me away with all its insightful knowledge of the history of the world...and it fails to impress. The course deals with films made by directors who are pretty much more concerned with sending across a message of their own, one dealing with the political issues of their time, than actually depicting the era in which the film is taking place. For example, the Marie Antoinette film (1938) that we watched first is supposed to be dealing with political issues of the French Revolution, which it does - yet there's so much propaganda in there pertaining to the first world war, and what is leading to the second. Sound interesting?

Well it's NOT. I mean, as if four film about the exact same two year period of the French Revolution aren't enough, they also have to be horrible. I don't use that word lightly. The Lady and the Duke was probably the most painful three hours of my life. The film itself is made in an interesting way - all the outdoor scenes are actually paintings, so the actors are infront of a backdrop the whole time. They don't look real and aren't supposed to I guess, but its ok since it looks pretty cool. It's also interesting that the film only has two characters, and by interesting I mean awful. They're terribly annoying. If this sounds at all bratty, try watching the damn thing.

Not to mention that the lectures (which are four hours long, btw) offer completely uninteresting info on the directors, really pointless readings, and oh yes....after viewing a film, we never speak of it again. I don't see the point, really. Also, I'm just pissed that it doesnt cross-reference as a film course as well.

Tonight we watched Danton, starring the hilarious Mr. Depardieu. I say hilarious because in this movie, he's a complete sexual fiend who has really random moments of seriousness, often followed by smashing things. This film was actually not too bad, but I find that around 9ish, I get too tired to pay attention anymore.

And....bitching over. I hope I don't end up dropping this one.
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[14 Oct 2005|06:45pm]
Stolen from Alina, that loveable bitch.

No matter how random, revealing, rude, naughty or pointless
I promise to answer them 100% truthfully
[[[Repost this to see what others ask you...]]]
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[13 Oct 2005|12:08am]
[ mood | awake ]

If anyone else sucks this much, please let me know so that I don't feel so bad.
Every time I have an assignment to do, I wait till the last possible second to do it. Or hour. Yep, the last possible hour, even though sometimes it takes more than an hour to do a decent job on said assignment.
For the last few hours I have, before its due, I come up with creative ways to get out of it. They're either ways to get an extension, or reasons that I myself conjure up as excuses for why I can't possibly do it. For the entire day before its due, I come up with other, more important things that have to be done. I then do them, taking as long as humanly possible, just to avoid doing the assignment. For at least a week before its due, I just pretend that the assignment doesn't exist. I completely avoid even thinking about it.
Now, it would be unfathomable to just use my creativity to do the fucking thing, now wouldn't it? Yep.
So if anyone wants to help me waste away the next hour or so, please regale me with stories involving your assignments. Alina, I already know a bunch of yours...haha...I mean ones that you've done on time. I want to hear the worst thing you've ever done.

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[25 Sep 2005|04:03am]
Good morning to all those who decide to venture this site at 4am. It's a good hour to spill whatever's on your mind.
Right now, for example, I'm thinking about how comfortable I am in my room. My bed is definetely the best part. This room has so much of me in it, yet its annoyingly neat - something I have to work on definetely. Let's mess it up a bit, soon.

This morning I realized how truly great life can sometimes be, when one isn't mucking it up with unneccesary worries and problems. We do that a lot, I think. This morning after a nauseating breakfast at Mel's that I really didn't need to eat at all, I thought of the people I've been spending the past three weeks with. We've established our own little nook on Bricker Ave, a community of sorts that I never found in my first year here. I suppose I'm really lucky to have it, this comfort, which today, for the first time, I was able to truly appreciate.

Noisy bustling and strong wiffs of bacon carried me at Mel's as I sat there, quite ruddy-looking in my glasses and half pyjamas, with several roomates and overnight straglers from our party (or Mish's party) last night. We talked about absoltely nothing, and it was wonderfully relaxing - until someone brought up the unfortunate fact of things having been stolen from our house the night before. Nothing too serious, but along with apparent fake!broom stealers, we now have evidence of toilet paper and milk theft (well, the evidence is that we no longer have any of our milk or toilet paper). Oh! And someone stole our bathroom rug, too. My favorite one. (yeah, I have a favorite bathroom rug). Now I don't think I'm wrong in saying this, but that's a little crazy to the point of being on par with the broom thing. What can I say? People like to steal random objects. Maybe they'll nab our recycling bin next? Or even, a doorknob?

The morning ended with all of us walking home, collapsing on our respective beds, and falling asleep (except for me). I decided to be cool beyond belief and spent at least 3 hours listening to the mellow ballads of Mr. Damien Rice, the album that I thought I'd lost, while finally finishing The Picture of Dorian Gray, the book I did lose but then found again. Such a great book, but a very anti-climatic ending, sadly. I have to say, those few hours were probably the most relaxing and content ones I can ever remember having in my life. Damien's tunes make me want so many things (like the talent and patience to play the violin and not sound like a parrot), but most of all, they make me feel kind of stable. It's nice. The songs kept being interrupted by Drew loudly washing the dishes downstairs, though. That boy, for some reason, decided to take it upon himself to become little kitchen wifey for the morning. Asshole gloated about his dish-washing abilities for the next two hours, as if it's hard. :P

Afterwards I went out to HMV and spent pointless money on other albums, and I say pointless in regards to money because I don't feel guilty about spending it at all, and for me, that's new. There's a newfound carelessness that I suddenly have with money, in that I only spend it on things that give me prolonged pleasure (as in, not food), so I don't feel like its really wasted. Oh, and I'm ignoring the utility bills right now because I can. Heh heh.

Tomorrow I'm visiting the suburban wasteland for a few hours, to pick up some things that I left behind (Like clean sheets). And not to be hypocritical, but I'm buying sushi, because there isn't any here. Prepare, woman! Have a good day everyone....
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[11 Sep 2005|06:33pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Oh, livejournal. I think I almost missed you.
I've been here in the loo for a week now, and let me say that its been an adventure. Despite the fact that Bell canada hates us and refuses to connect our phoneline or internet, Mish and I have been hunting all around campus for good computers to use, that don't block most websites like these. Behold...we have located the lab in the concourse! These computers rock my socks.

Now that I've spent nearly 2 hours in here, the loud obnoxious beeping that occurs every time someone opens the door is almost not making me want to shoot myself. It all comes with the can't be loud in here or you get murderous looks. I can't wait to have internet in the house, though.

Ah, the house! It's still pretty bare, though my room looks amazing because I've had nothing to do for a week other than decorate it with pointless colorful things. Makes everyone else's rooms look like jail cells. The attic is a wonderful open space where Jim and Drew make music inspired by Tom Waits (and some gargling) for us every night (and its horrible). I really hope that they don't seriously consider starting a band up there. *shudder* But no, there's much love attached to those two and their wailing serenades.

O-week is finally over and we almost have Keren back...she sounds like she's got permanent laringitis, but she still had an amazing time and I'm happy for her. Brittany decided it would be a good idea to drive here from Winnepeg, so she left her house 3 days ago and tumbled into our doorway this afternoon looking chipper and on drugs. We still can't find Mark and Oliver, and let me just say (because I'm a brat who lives on Bricker Ave and can be in class in 30 seconds), that I will NEVER go to their house again, its too far, so they'd better come looking for us. Alex has fallen into a black hole, and I've just seen (because Mish is next to me) photographic evidence that Branko is a caveman.

The house with 20-something people in it have a pool out front, naked people keep jumping into it every night...its interesting and I really do hope I never think of it as a good idea. Oh god. Midnight skinny dipping on Bricker Ave....
The other neighbours are hilarious men with hilarious names, Students Union types who are probably the most horrible influences on the planet. They quite simply can't stop getting us piss drunk, or "crunk" as Jim likes to sing.

I feel as if the year hasnt really started yet. I haven't gotten up early to go to the concourse and read before classes, I haven't eaten grilled cheese from Second Cup, so clearly I'm living in bizarro Laurier and the world has gone mad. The 24 hour lounge has been renovated, so I can't wait to spend nights and morning in there, sneaking around and looking to see if they've changed the locks on whichever doors can let us in.
And a job. I need one, but can't even turn on my computer to print out a resume. Blarg.
I'll be in town this Saturday for the Ear-To-The-Ground fest, sporting my very fetching wristband that lets me into all the events. That weekend is going to be really crazy, as I plan on seeing everyone I know, eating sushi at Ginza at least 4 times, and staying at Alina's pad. Maybe. Or maybe I'll try not to overbook myself this time.....who knows.

And who's noticed that the only times I update this thing are when I relocate myself?

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[11 Jul 2005|03:47am]
That's it.
*throws up hands in exasperation*
I don't care if you know me or not,
but I need you to have sushi with me. Now. Or tomorrow, actually - seeing as its 4am.
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[11 May 2005|12:44am]
And yet another day of moving in...

Ok, so I wrote the first entry when the internet still wasn’t working, because I was bored. Not that it works now, of course, but I feel like writing all this down is amusing and good for me. Here’s what happened today, and why the house still isn’t really livable, which is actually driving me insane.
To begin, maybe I do tend to make a big deal out of little things, but only for a few minutes tops. I screamed in frustration at least 4 times today. More mishaps, and they keep occurring in true movie-fashion. I really do feel like it’s too funny to be real.

Got a message from my mother, to call her and let her know I’m alive. Problem: still no phone connection. Stupidly bought 7 bags of groceries before trying to find a public payphone, so I ended up walking to a place I was sure had one, but alas...
Came back over an hour later with aching hands (and an aching back…. yes, my mattress still hasn’t come, and I had to sleep on the floor). The only progress that came out of this day, honestly, was that I finished painting and it looks wicked cool. I’m really going to like this red color for the year, probably even more than I already do. And no, I wasn’t dense enough to sit against the wet wall or anything like that when I was building the desk. Of course not. But I was certainly dense enough to reason that even if one of the table legs from the desk was slightly leaning crookedly for whatever reason, it wouldn’t affect it when it was done. How wrong I was, and I could even picture this happening before it did. I spent 2 hours building it (counting the times I took it apart because I lost the instructions and kept attaching things to...other things that didn’t belong) and when it was finally done I proudly glanced at its beauty for a total of 3 seconds before I heard a crack, the leg snapped, causing the whole thing to come crashing down.

So the desk is dead. Seriously - it didn’t just fall over… it shattered. Pieces of it went everywhere; screws popped out and hit me in the eye (no, not really, that isn’t even funny to joke about... Ok, it is) and lets just say that... yes, it died. I even then thought of a plan to make the thing stand on 3 legs instead of 4, but I couldn’t work that brilliant one either because I have no hammer. I don’t even have anything that could be a hammer, nothing strong enough. I have nothing! I couldn’t even build the fucking bed frame because I don’t have a single screw. Oh wait, I also don’t have a mattress so it would be a little pointless.

Oh, and someone stole my broom that I made myself. Really - I left it out on the porch for 5 minutes and then it disappeared, so now I can’t sweep up my room and all the crap the desk left when it broke. Who steals a homemade broom? Really! I actually taped this brush dustpan thing to a stick, and someone stole it. But reasonably, anyone who would steal something that’s three-quarters stick must be pretty desperate, so they can have it.

I wanted to get things done today, I really did, so I tried to at least put away my clothes to feel partly successful, but the stupid railing fell over and all my clothes (on hangers) slid off and formed a messy pile on the closet floor. I’m still not going near it till tomorrow...too annoyed right now.
But all this isn’t really a big deal, because tomorrow will probably be worse. I hate that things aren’t set up yet, though. I actually can’t do anything because I’m stupid and don’t have proper equipment. Honestly, if I made my own hammer someone would probably steal that too.

Highlight of the day: eating microwaved Smarties. Nothing I love better than partly melted chocolate. MMmmmmmm
GoOdnight, I’m off to sleep on the Laz-E-Boy, which is what I should have done last night.
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[11 May 2005|12:30am]
I feel like sharing my moving experiences with livejournal. Don’t ask me why... the paint fumes have probably gone to my head. By the time I post this it’ll be in a few days, when I hopefully have the internet. EDIT: almost two weeks later...

I’m tired, but it’s too damned cold to sleep. The house is really much smaller and colder when it’s empty, but I guess that’s to be expected.

There’s a strange tranquility that comes with spending a day loading, unloading, unpacking, carrying and painting. Ah yes...the painting. I’ve wanted a red room for years, and it’s looking pretty weird right now, but I think I’ll like it more when it’s done. So tiring, but really fun also. Listened to Nick Caves’ Murder Ballads and a bit of Tender Prey so many times while doing it, I actually lost track. That’s what happens when you’re working by yourself - you completely lose track of time, track of everything. It’s interesting because you can actually get so much work done if you just zone out for a day or so, like I did.

I find it hilarious that there were a bunch of mishaps today concerning the move. Like dropping and breaking a drawer, dropping a carton of yogurt all over my uncle’s van, missing the 401 exit off 407 and going through Hamilton for an hour, dropping a gallon of my paint all over the driveway and having Rick hose it down with the most calming expression I’ve ever seen anyone display...while cleaning. Oh, and I think I forgot my glasses. Bugger.

There’s a really big Laz-E-Boy chair that people left in the attic. Excellent. Went there after setting up the TV on this broken shelf that’s surely going to wake me up when it loudly breaks down and then crashes through the floor and onto my head. Hmm. Anyway I had nothing better to do so I finally unwrapped my VHS copy of American Beauty that I got at least 2 or 3 years ago at a sale for like 6 bucks. Watched it. O_O and ok, I know it may be clichéd, but I was in awe. Why has it taken me so long to watch this absolutely stunning movie? I mean I stupid? It was so beautiful - funny, sad, witty...and I now understand Alina’s obsession with Kevin Spacey. There was also a bonus VHS tape with ‘the hype/awards’ and ‘the vision’, and stuff like that. And, while deserving, doesn’t that seem like the people who compiled the video knew just how great their movie was, and were just letting more people know?

Ah, It’s so dark in here and I can almost see the dollars increasing as I turn lights on and off. Wow, I am going to be the cheapest tenant on earth. My first night here...was interesting, to say the least. The phone doesn’t work, of course - stupid Bell, this isn’t the first time I’ve been screwed by them. Not only was the phone service supposed to be up on Friday night, but they also sent the Sympatico package to the wrong address. Stupid stupid Bell. And I can’t even call them to ask why the phone doesn’t work (and the internet works through the phone so that’s a no go).

No Internet and no phone, no cable (because I never bothered to order it), and no people. That’s not an isolation...its more feels like I’ve locked myself in this house, and no one can get in or out, including myself. For just one day, I had no way to reach the outside world. Does that sound odd? Anything that happened in this house was from the house, if that makes sense. The music was already on my computer; the movie I watched was from here too. No cable from the outside, no web pages, and no phone calls.

There’s something nice about that, and I think I can appreciate it because it’s the first time it’s ever happened. I feel like I’m in a desert, or a bubble. I’ve also just noticed that my chin is covered in red paint.
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[07 May 2005|03:13am]
I know I stopped updating, but I plan on posting some big journals on here when I get the internet, because frankly, I miss it. Oh, and I also kinda want this thing:

If you read this journal, even if we dont speak often, I ask that you post a memory of me. It can be anything you want, good or bad, just so long as it happened. Then post this on your journal; see what people remember about you.
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[05 Apr 2005|01:44am]
So I was wondering if this was worth returning to livejournal for. Just this once, I promise you all.
This may have hit movie theatres already, but I wouldn't know, seeing as I haven't been to a Famous Players and/or Cineplex in 4 months.

This is singlehandedly the greates movie trailer I have ever seen in my entire life.
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[27 Feb 2005|10:18pm]

I'm pretty sure this is done,
and although I don't even know how to do the simplest task alloted to me in, like changing my picture (and I'm trying to learn now)...the challenge is fun.
Plus, blogspot blogs are so anonymous, and there are no 'friends lists'.

So I will say this once again, and probably for the last time ever
(though I'll still be back to see the inner ramblings of certain individuals)

RIP livejournal.
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[26 Feb 2005|03:08am]
Choose to be alert. Choose a good movie, nutritious snacks, a long book that makes you think, fresh air, ambient music, and for the love of it all choose a good sex partner.

I can't believe it took me so long to see Trainspotting. Now I'm going to read it, purely to try and understand what the hell the people were saying. That would require work, in reading. Awesome.
I think after breaking it down I could actually learn some valid philosophies on life. From heroine addicts. But hey - I'd rather take advice from people in the gutter, who've been low, seen low, and can't get any lower. Those are people...I'd take them over middle-class workaholics anyday.

And please, for my sanity, don't leave a comment on how much you love the movie. Say why, or tell me what color knickers you're wearing.
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[05 Feb 2005|06:31pm]
Fuck this horrible quiz. All the movie reccomendations are looked at to be unique, but they're not...they're all part of a different GENRE called : movies that are trying too hard to be different.
Not that they're bad, but I just hate when the world tries to fit into a "unique" stereotype, with "different" interests. People in university are like that, I've found.

The word has lots its meaning.
Or maybe I'm just a movie snob?

You scored as Artistic. Congratulations, you scored Artistic. You're looking for the unique movie in the bunch. You've probably watched a lot of movies that nobody has ever heard of, and good for you. You also know good filmmaking when you see it. You just get it, no questions asked. Check out: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, Garden State, Lost in Translation.




Sadistic Humour


Romantic Comedy








Mindless Action Flick


Movie Recommendation.
created with

Oh yeah, and I finished watching Gravitation the other day, after Adam left in the afternoon. It was my treat to myself, after spontaneously walking to downtown Kitchener for like 3 hours that day.
Great, amazing series...but it ended on such an ambiguous note! I mean, some of the things weren't cleared up, and I concluded that the "asshole" character didn't win my favor as much as the crazy band manager who threatened everyone with a rifle and a smile on his face. ^__^ <-- like that!

Later, all
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[08 Nov 2004|12:10am]
[ mood | unbelievably happy ]

November 8th, 12:10am.

Snow falling down Bricker, icicles forming outside my windowsill. Little specks swirling out of the sky...>!!!!
A bit early, huh?

I need to go outside, now.

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The other half.... [06 Nov 2004|02:02am]
[ mood | fanfuckingtastic! ]

There is a Chapters that's a 15 minute walk away from my building. I wasn't excited to go with Keren after James and I made bubble tea out of one of those kits (remember them from the summer?) but I agreed anyway.
And the bubble tea was great, surprisingly...but,
Strawberry. Ugh.

I wasn't too thrilled about going since book shops just don't do it for my anymore. *gasp* I know, I know, I'm insane. We spent about 2 hours there and I was getting impatient with the place, something that never used to happen to me because nothing was peeking my interest! Gah.

Then, I saw it. The very thing, sort of, that I'd been looking for for over a year. Sitting on my desk right now (I can't stop looking at it) is a nearly complete collection of H.P Lovecraft's short stories and philosophical anthologies, the master of horror himself, on PAPER! In a BOOK!
I realize how overenthusiastic I sound but who cares?? This is H.P. fucking Lovecraft, the man who could never publish a book in his lifetime, who's brilliant work could only be scattered through randon magazines througout decades, some of his stories virtually unknown- and I have them. Fuck.

I'm oogling at it now. I don't care, though. Any halfway decent fan would know that its nearly impossible to find anything by him other than on the internet and...^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got to get up early to go to some philophy lecture day that James is dragging me to. I'll write up on it, provided that we get to sneak into 'Cigars and Cocktails' with all the uber-famous professors. For now, as I marvel at my finding....goodnight, all.

And thanks for giving me my long-awaited Golden Chicken. ♥

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This post is long. Nightly adventures, here I come [05 Nov 2004|09:59pm]
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People doubt me all the time, and sometimes I even doubt myself. Like last night for example (Cilli, you saved my ass, as usual) I really didn't think that I could cross 9 subway stops in under 20 minutes. Truth is, I didn't.

Instead, I fool-hartedly decided to trek off the subway 3 stops early because the train kept on getting held up, leaving me at Union (and saving me about 35 precious seconds). Running to St. Patrick's seemed like a good idea at the time, so I figured - why not?
The lesson learned here is: don't ever run in the cold, because the air hits the back of your throat rendering you helpless of any sort of speech once you actually get to the bus terminal and attempt to ask the driver which bus goes to Waterloo. I didn't ask because I couldn't, and just shoved my ticket at him and ran onto the bus, nearly collapsing and trying to catch my breath.

Slept. For how long, I had no clue. All I know is that when I woke up I saw lots of familiar things, thankfully, like the plaza with the Subway restaurant and the Tim Hortons and the post office. But, and this may sound a little bit crazy - surely several small towns would have a sandwich shop, a coffee shop, and a post office settled together into one plaza?? Right??
Of course what I missed while breathing in relief at the plaza was one small word attached to the signs, one word that I saw over and over again that caused me to grin like a moron instead of panic. Guelph.

I glanced at my watch and (the bus left at 11:30 - let's keep in mind that the bus ride to Waterloo U only takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes) only to discover that its about 2am. I then did the most practical thing possible and went back to sleep, accidentally.

I woke up again, 2:45am. I'm still on the bus, and with barely anyone else on it. I figured that by this time I should probably consider being a bit concerned. After all, it's been over 3 hours. Still, I'm not overly bothered and that might be something to look into.
Through the darkness of the window, and, I still don't know if I was hallucnating or whanot, I was in another town and spotted a sign that said 'London'. Now I may have been sleepy but certainly not stupid. Armed with my knowledge of the fact that London is not on the way to Waterloo, I approached the driver finally.

And that's the end of the story. I got in at approximately 3:30 yesterday morning, nearly gave Esi a heart attack when I knocked on the door which was locked (she gets freaked out at being at home alone), and went to bed around 5:30.

If anyone's wondering about the whole 4 hour bus ride thing, it was merely a night bus route that I didn't know about. Apparently, the bus feels that stopping at every individual main intersection at every single little hick town is totally neccessary once its after midnight. I didn't mind so much, except for when I thought, with horror, that I'd merely slept through my stop at Waterloo U and that we were back in Toronto or something horrid like that. The London thing was a figment of my imagination, or ay least thats what I'm trying to convince myself of. The bus driver said so ^_^

The point is that I made it back, I nearly died running, and I listened to me new mix cd about 6 times. Weee!

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